1. no pain, no play

    "I’m an interactive designer."

    “You mean websites?”

    “Well, yes, but I’m also interested in installations and physical computing.”

    “So how would you describe good design?”

    “I try to design a playful experience for the user.”

    “How do you do that? By being playful?”

    “Oh no. It’s a painful process to make something playful.”

    from: http://lilpuff.us/hony-interactive

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  2. Bubble Sort via Hungarian Folk Dance

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  3. Every OS has its purpose. OSX, building webapps. Linux, running web apps. Windows, testing IE.
    Twitter / @TechScruggs (via azcode)

    (via azcode)

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  4. Int limit

    Always heard of this a theoretical limit, but never seen it actually happen.
    Yesterday our tables and Java code hit the max integer ID possible, 2,147,483,647 !

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  5. kmart127: Damn straight. 

    kmart127: Damn straight. 

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